Le Mani

Mantova Rosso IGP

"Le Mani", a tribute to the work, the passion, the craftsmanship of those who in addition to the brain, uses their hands; in a journey that begins in Winter with the pruning time, to decide "how much" produce, passes for the summer works and culminate with the harvest in which we choose which bunch of grape is suited to the result we want to archive, always manual.

In the winery, the grapes ripe and healthy, meet the "hands" of our winemakers Alessandro and Lorenzo, who will do the rest.

Still wine, red, from Lambrusco Salamino and Lambrusco Maestri grapes, "Le Mani" is a fresh and elegant wine, with a good body and a rich and floral bouquet. Normally refines about six months in bottle before release.

 Lambrusco Mantovano bio  Lambrusco Mantovano bio  Lambrusco Mantovano bio

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