Fondo Bozzole Lambrusco Mantovano Biologico

Welcome, we are Franco and Mario Accorsi, we are brothers, we are farmers. We work in our "big garden", Fondo Bozzole, our farm located in the countryside of Poggio Rusco, near Mantova in the north of Italy.
Since 2007 we artisanally crafting Lambrusco Mantovano DOC in different ways and our traditional white Trebbiano Wines.

Our Filosophy

Be Farmers for us goes far beyond to get on the tractor, it means to be part of nature, observe it, allow it to run without competing.
Be Farmers for us is the awareness that the food comes from the earth, from the infinite relations and synergies that exist between soil, animals, plants and water, between the day sunlight and the dark of the night, between the visible and the invisible.
Be Farmers for us is to be sure that we can offer a good, healthy and quality product because we realized that from the Nature we can get everything we need.

Agricoltura Biologica

In 2010 we began to convert our vine cultivation from conventional farming to Organic farming. Do Organic means avoiding the use, at every stage of cultivation, of chemical molecules whether to fertilize or counteract the onset of disease.
Therefore, our nutrients are organics, the weeding is only mechanical and parasites control is done with natural products; To get a result more clean and more healthy, for us that we work in here, for animals and insects living in camps and for those who, like us, consume our products.
Work following the dictates of biological means for us to taste the fruit in its original form, integral and without forcing.

  • Vino Biologico

    From 2013 all our wine are certified Organic

  • Certificato Bio

    The supervisory body who have to guarantee the quality of our operate is I.C.E.A. (Italian institute for ethical and environmental certifications)

The texture of the soil is a medium mixture tending towards clayey, therefore a rich and fertile soil, from which we obtain rich body, flavor and aromas.

The way we training vines are different, depending on the variety of Lambrusco and the result we want to achieve and are, more or less, tied to tradition, but with attention to limited production per vine and to the general balance of the plant .

Our wines, both sparkling and still, are produced with indigenous Lambrusco and Trebbiano varieties or in any case linked to the wine-growing traditions of the area, as they are perfectly integrated and well known.

Towards the end of the summer, we are preparing to raise the fruits of our work. The production is sometimes stingy, sometimes abundant, but always of A-grade quality.
The harvest, made when the grapes reach the right ratio between sugars and acidity, is done strictly by hand.
The grapes are first collected in buckets or boxes, then put into bins from fruit and crushed within a few hours, so unwanted fermentations, that would adversely affect the quality of the wine, cannot begin.
Normally the first to be harvested are the White "Foxi" and the Rosè "Cocai", the first days of September, after a couple of weeks follow the earliest Lambrusco as the Ruberti and finally the first of October the later varieties of Lambrusco such as Salamino or Maestri.
But once the bunches have been collected, the second part of the story begins.
In the cellar, the natural landing place for the grapes, skilled hands follow the winemaking process, limiting themselves to accompanying the evolution of our Lambruscos without interfering too much.
This is how the Lambrusco Fondo Bozzole born

I nostri "Segreti"

The wise winemakers of the past said that "wine is made in the vineyard". We started from this premise, to have the best possible raw material: we began to reduce yields per hectare and per plant, modernized the plants already present for a more effective defense, embarked on the path of organic agriculture and other small secrets, that secrets are not ...

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